Friday, April 04, 2008

It's a Gas Gas Gas

Wanted to provide you all a link to this Mahalo Daily, in which we get a look at some footage from the Scorsese-directed Rolling Stones concert film Shine a Light:

So, the guy who initially inspired this Daily is the guy who did the audio interviews you here. (It kind of sounds like me on the recording, actually...I'm thinking most people who watch this video will just assume I'm doing the interviews, because I introduce the thing.) He's the guy who wrote the Production Notes on the film, which are basically an article about the movie, talking about how great it is, that the studio gives to journalists who are going to report on or review the film.

Apparently, studios do not think that entertainment reporters and film reviewers are bright. (In my estimation, they're not entirely wrong on this count.) They think that, if a reporter reads something someone else has written describing the film as "great," they will simply assume it is great and repeat the same message in their own piece. (NOTE: Political journalism works the same way, only the Production Notes are written by Karl Rove and the reporters are a lot more fucking stupid.)

All these Production Notes sound the same. I wish I still had some lying around from my old cub reporter days, but that was a decade ago and they are lost to the ages. It's always stuff like:

Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation is an exhilarating roller coaster ride, an old-fashioned throwback adventure kung fu adrenaline rush loaded with wall-to-wall action and kinetic intensity. To realize his outsized, ambitious visions, maverick Hollywood wunderkind John R. Leonettif (I Know Who Killed Me, Joe Dirt, The Scorpion King, Spy Hard, Honey, Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Holy Fucking Christ I'm Not Making This Filmography Up) pushed his cast and crew to the edge and traveled to the very outer limits of the San Fernando Valley. Inspired by the billion-selling Mortal Kombat video game franchise, Mortal Kombat 2 will leave you breathless, dehydrated and literally post-orgasmic. Finish Him!

"It's hard sometimes, making a movie," says the enchanting, gorgeous, effervescent, dynamic James Remar, who stars as the Master of Lightning, Lord Rayden. "Especially when you're playing a character like Rayden, who's so rich with complexity and nuance."

Sandra Hess, the highly acclaimed Best and Sexiest Actress on the Planet, plays the mysterious Sonya Blade. "It required a lot of kicking," she says, "so I had to take some, um, kicking lessons, I guess."

So these people, paid by the studios, have to do interviews with the people who made the movie, so they can write these glowing write-ups. And those interviews are what you're hearing underneath the video above.

So thanks to Noe Gold for providing us with some cool clips of Mick and Keith, and to Paramount for the kickass footage. Anyone seeing this film this weekend?

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