Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beghe Ideas (Don't Get Any)

Wow, Scientology makes you freaking insane...

This guy's not even a Scientologist any more, and he's still not making any goddamn sense at all.

The last thing he says during this 2 minute-or-so, largely nonsensical anti-Scientology rant really struck me. He says that he has a unique perspective - he was in Scientology and now he's out. But isn't this true of most people? I'd have to guess that the majority of Scientologists were not raised Scientologists, but came to the "faith" later in life. All of these people have the experience of not being a Scientologist and then becoming one.

What the "ruggedly handsome" Jason Beghe says indicates that Scientologists essentially forget what their lives were like before joining the church.'s fantastic...

The other part that's just...kind of incredible to the thing about migraines. He was genuinely surprised to meet an "OT VIII" who had a migraine. It just hits home with me sometimes. People really believe this shit. They think that reading a lot of bullshit and giving the Church of Scientology money will give them Cosmic Anti-Migraine Powers. I

I will say this...I hope to begin working the phrase "where's the fucking clear?" into daily conversation.

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