Monday, November 26, 2007

zOMG! Teh Watchmen Can Has Setz?

Can't say I'm loving the way the Watchmen adaptation is coming along thus far. It's such a great, great book...and they gave it to the 300 director...with a guy from "Grey's Anatomy" playing The Comedian and Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan. Feels underwhelming, almost by design, for such a huge, epic story that's been so hotly anticipated for so long. (I mean, there was a time Terry fucking Gilliam was considering doing this movie. And they gave it to the guy who directed that overripe homoerotic video game?)

Anyway, consider my expectations slightly raised. This just in from Warner Bros. Watchmen blog.

Put together a couple hundred thousand more frames like that, Zack Snyder, and you might actually make this work.

There's more and larger pictures here.

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