Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm No Hillary Fan But...

she's smart. You've got to give her that. Maybe she's not quite as fast a talker as Bill, but who are we kidding here? No one is. That guy's the white male Scheherazade.

After 7 years of listening to the tortured syntactical nightmares of Preznit Stumblefuck, hearing a politician actually speak in a manner that's lucid and sensible now has the ability to shock and delight. She actually sounds kind of convincing here. I'm not fooled, mind you. Being old enough to remember the Clinton years means knowing that, behind the nice speeches, pop culture knowledge and comforting hand gestures, they're basically just sane Republicans. (A rare commodity in the actual Republican Party, but still plentiful in the Democratic.)

I didn't watch the whole debate...I've been catching up with it on YouTube. Here's about a seven minute segment of Clinton kicking everyone else on the dais' ass.

They're all going after her, directly, yet it's Biden who comes off looking like the pasty, hopeless chump. Dodd seems to think people are voting for College Comic of the Year, Southwest Region, not President. I'm all for lightening the mood a bit, but it's important to actually make some kind of point between the Bush zingers.

Seriously, she's gonna win, people. She's not my personal choice out of this crop, but she's going to smoke all these other fools. I'll take bets right now on Clinton v. Giuliani down the stretch.


Dave Ross said...

She is, indeed, the only one out of the three who answers a question directly, but she's also the only one who's asked a policy question. Biden and Dodd are attacked by the interviewer about their debatably negative comments about the future president.

And sure, she speaks eloquently, but if you know anything about her past you know she's engaging in some intense double-speak.

You're right. She's going to win. But I don't have much more respect for her as a speaker than Dodd. And I wish she would get off the wishy-washy policy horse and commit: no-buts universal health care and an immediate end to the war. I know her husband's promises dried up at inauguration, but come on. Seriously.

Ms. Missive said...

Preznit Stumblefuck! LMAO! Thanks for putting a chuckle into my day.