Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark...

From my friend Matt or Wayne, I don't remember which, I'm stealing this hilarious YouTube clip, in which a guy re-enacts an entire scene from Jurassic Park by himself. It's awesome.

You do have to watch the whole thing, because you wouldn't want to miss the excellent Sam Neill impression right at the end.

I've always disliked this scene...It just feels kind of fraudulent to me, that Hammond would not have even considered the contrary position before that moment, when Ian Malcolm brings it up, and just that these experts would be discussing the implications of this complex project in such a straight-forward, basic fashion. It's one of many moments in the film that feel dumbed down, written in layman's language so that mass audiences all over the world can enjoy it on the same level. I understand why movies like Jurassic Park are made in this way, but it's still kind of boring...But this young actor still rocks all the same.

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