Saturday, August 18, 2007

Headline Rubes

So, I'm here at Mahalo HQ, where the News Department has just added a nice, big widescreen HDTV which we keep tuned to CNN Headline News. Unless "Big Brother" is on.

They just did a story about the USC Trojan Football Team, and I shit you not, the anchor said this:

"Much like their namesake from Greek mythology, the USC Trojans..."

Um...excuse me? Greek mythology? I mean, yes, the Trojan War provides the backdrop for much of Homer's writing and all, but CNN Headline News is aware that the Trojans were an actual group of people who really did exist, right? I mean, this would be like saying "the mythical Ancient Greeks." The Ancient Greeks often interact with their own mythology (Zeus, in particular, was fond of disguising himself and bedding their nubile young persons), but that doesn't mean they were themselves mythological. A-duh.

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