Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

And to celebrate all that makes this country great, here's our Gangster-in-Chief explaining why he had to give his convicted felon buddy a pass on going to prison. The judge's sentence was "severe," you see. I mean, we can't punish convicted felons severely. That's just not cricket.

Go America! USA! USA! We're #1!


GimmeDaWatch said...

Oh Yes, what a "very difficult" decision it must have been. This goes for Clinton too, wtf is up with allowing Presidents to pardon their own friends, acquaintences, and staff members?? What about that is not THE DEFINITION of a conflict of interest? It's fucking preposterous.

asana said...

Thanks for sharing that 4th-of-July gift. I am glad that crooks still maintain honor among themselves, and that Bush's "carefully-weighted decision" will keep them out of the very jail that the law actually demands. As a leader do not let your guys go to jail, or they might not do the unspeakable for you in the future. That is the unspoken code of honor.

The two questions were of course staged. What a better moment to break the deplorable news to the American people when everyone was half stoned and drunk. Congrats on the brilliant PR jobs.

And the combo of secret-society power-mongering and attracting psychopaths to the highest office of the land is just so very scary. Every time I think they are running out of evil and iniquity I get disappointed. I am just a sucker like the rest of us.

Lons said...

Gimme, it does seem kind of...well, strange...that the Founding Fathers would have given the President this power. They were so on-guard against even the whiff of a monarchy in general. You've heard, I take it, what James Madison had to say about Presidents who would pardon their own staff members?

Asana, you are absolutely correct. This is transparently an attempt by Bush to keep Libby quiet about all the illegal shit on which they've been collaborating lo these past 6 years. By acting in such an outrageously unethical manner, so flagrantly, Bush is tacitly admitting that he needs to buy Scooter's silence.

syferium said...
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GimmeDaWatch said...

No, I hadn't read that quote, but Madison's point doesn't do much good if it's at the end of a President's term. Ford shouldn't have been allowed to pardon Nixon, Clinton shouldn't have been allowed to pardon his friends, and Bush obvs shouldn't be allowed to pardon his own staff member, it's jus the most flagrant and obvious abuse of power that ever was. I think you guys are overthinking his motivations anyway, he'd pardon his boy whether he was afraid for himself or not, just cuz it was one of his boys, and he's never given a shit how his actions come off to the thinking public, anyhow.

matt said...

Hey Lon,
What's up with your boy Calacanis getting in a fight with Seth Godin over porn on the internet. Do you really work someone who thinks porn is a evil and should not be on the internet. Does he think the Jews killed Jesus too.

Lons said...

Well, okay, 2 things. First and most importantly, it is not for me to defend the statements or actions of one Jason Calacanis. He's a terrific boss and a friend, but he's perfectly capable of defending himself without my assistance.

Still, I would like to point out that, to my knowledge, Jason did not call porn "evil." On his blog, he said that Godin had fallen to the "Dark Side of SEO," which is pretty different.

The point he's making is, to my mind, a fairly solid and obvious one. Squidoo is a good idea, but in execution, it sucks. It's not useful to people, largely because it's filled with spam and porn. If you could figure out how to get people making quality lenses but without all the spam and porn (because what confused individuals are really using Squidoo to find porn?), it would provide a much better user experience.

As for Jews...well, I've never asked Jason about that. I'll bring it up on Monday.