Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Kid's Sharp

Check out this 16 year old super-badass making Bill O'Reilly look like an idiot on his own TV show.

I know it's not that hard to make Bill O'Reilly look like an idiot. He does it all the time by himself with no assistance from anyone. But this video is still a beautiful thing. The kid kind of hangs back, holds his own in the argument, relies solely on solid, documented evidence (he clearly did his homework) and then suddenly - WHAM! - moves in for the kill.

OMFG Sweet Lincoln-Douglas debate skillz FTW!!1!1!1!


Anonymous said...

Sharp? Sharp as a what? Spoon? Rubber Spatula?
Anyone who's "actually" read O’Reilly’s book knows we can liken Jesse Lange's nervous chin pinching to Billybob Clinton's lip biting.
It tells us all a great story when Liberals proclaim this kid "owned" Bill because he learned (already) in his young life that lying gets the applause of the rest of the idiots liars in the world.
As long as liberal, God hating idiots keep arguing this kid was right, we're safe from their attacks that try so hard to make the people who "CARE" about children look dumb. Seriously, any person who READS pages 66-68 of Bill's GREAT BOOK FOR KIDS, and comes away thinking Bill is in ANY way promoting any drug use is one of two things!
Either REALLY -EXTREMELY IGNORANT, or more likely, just like this kid, severely, mentally handicapped in all the drug and sexual perversion rhetoric of the left.
Kids, you ARE WAY SMARTER THEN YOUR LIBERAL POLITICIANS who graduated Harvard. AND THAT is something to be very proud of and something to use to shut the idiot Jesse Lange's in your life up!

jackhammer said...

can't believe there' not more comments considering how high up this was in a google search on this brilliant young man's name.
now, he's old enough to vote, and his vote made the colorado senate race, as of today, to close to call.

RE: the previous comment. so much stupid it's hard to know where to start, so i'll go top to bottom.
jesse quoted directly from the book and was willing to read the context on air so viewers could decide for themselves what the context was. or course bill was having none of that.

but most disturbing, and all to common among middle class "conservatives", is the last paragraph. the notion that people should be proud of NOT having a harvard education. the stupid notion that not being educated is better than being educated. where do you draw the line on that? is it better to not graduate high school? ok, you say people should graduate high school but not be particularly interested in college? oh, you think people should go to college, just not harvard? wait a minute.. george w bush went to harvard... so wtf are you talking about?

education is about learning how to get answers to questions. conservatives don't seem big on the asking questions thingy. the old adage, "my mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts" mindset.

learn a few simple talking points that are mindless, intellectually lazy or dishonest, and worse of all, boring, and repeat them every time your asked a question you can't answer.

we've seen this twisting of what "smart" is used by the people like sharon engle and christeen o'donnel to try and turn being being obviously unqualified and not sufficiently educated for the jobs they seek, into a positive.

in their case it didn't work, in other cases, it did. sarah palin is not done yet trying to sell a half term governorship into qualification to be president.

jesse lang stood up strong to the strutting, tough talking, blowhard billo the clown.

if such poise really is as second nature to him as it seems, he should conciser public service as a career. we're a little short of talent right now.

the kid has charisma.