Friday, June 01, 2007

Something's Brewing in this Town...

Okay, so, I've told you all to watch Windy City Heat on the blog before. It's the amazingly hysterical prank movie in which several comedians band together to convince an idiot named Perry that he's starring in a new action movie. Of course, there is no movie; the whole thing's a set-up to humiliate this guy, Perry Caravello, who dreams of stardom despite being an unattractive, paunchy middle-aged guy with no discernable talent.

Windy City Heat is one of the funniest films of our present decade. I am not even kidding. A work of fiction could never tell such a ridiculous story - it's nearly impossible to believe that anyone could be this dumb. In fact, many people to whom I have shown the film have insisted to me that it must be fake. Perry falls for such obvious set-ups - bad Charlton Heston impersonators, Japanese investors named Hiroshima Nagasaki, an action movie script with obviously jokey dialogue and no action scenes directed by Bobcat freaking Goldthwait - that it almost has to be an act.

Well...maybe not...From TMZ today:

Perry Caravello, the one-time "star" of a practical joke flick, filed suit today in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming, among other things, the three funnymen owe him $10.5 million.

For several years, Caravello was duped into believing he was going to play the lead role in the faux action flick "Windy City Heat." Every actor and member of the crew was in on the joke -- except Caravello. The final product, er, joke, aired in 2003 on Comedy Central.

In his suit, Caravello claims the defendants "falsely and fraudulently" represented the project, and promised him, among other things, that he "would be paid 10 million dollars if he placed his penis in a mousetrap." Caravello says he "was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood." Ouch. To add insult to injury, Caravello says he's suffered "humiliation and emotional trauma" because the video has circulated the Internet. Talk about viral.

Caravello is suing for the $10.5 million that he says he is owed, plus damages and medical expenses.

First of all, let me just say that I'm deeply upset there was a video of Perry Caravello placing his penis in a mousetrap online and I was uninformed. Now, I've been really looking for a little while now, and haven't turned up anything (perhaps I'll have more success with Bit Torrent), so it's entirely possible that Perry's full of crap on this one and looking for a payday.

But if not...then I think this confirms that he really is stupid enough to fall for anything, up to and including a fake movie called Windy City Heatin which he'd portray Chicago's greatest sports detective Stone Fury.

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Anonymous said...

Perry baby,
How could you be so obsessed with fame that you'd fall for any of this crap? The red bat...indeed. Then being left tied up...and you STILL didn't get it?

I feel for ya..but I just can't reach ya.