Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That's My Girl, Asshole!

Someone's been going into Craig's List "Missed Connections" threads and posting "That's my girl, asshole!" and then blogging the results. Boing Boing linked to it, and now I'm linking to them, thus filling up the dump truck that will drive through the Internet's toobz and keep this entire cybersystem running, as is my understanding...

A sample from the blog:

At the Hotdog Eating Contest??? - m4w - 24
Reply to: pers-178954624@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-07-06, 11:30AM EDT

Lost in the steamy, pushy crowd, trying to get a good view, but couldn't, because the stage was set up terribly, as if to only cater to the TV stations shooting the event.

You: short, reddish/brown shortish hair, a white tanktop, shorts... with two other guys (buyfriend(s)?)

Email me and lets talk if its you. I know this is a long shot, but you were REALLY cute.

Re: At the Hotdog Eating Contest??? - m4w - 24

That was my girlfriend, you asshole.
Re: Re: At the Hotdog Eating Contest??? - m4w - 24
From: pers-178954624@craigslist.org

suuuuuuure it was. tell me what sort of facial piercing(s) she has then...?

Most of them are like this. They write "that was my girlfriend, asshole" or some variation on that, and then the original poster wants to get all "Criminal Intent" and try to crack the case of the alleged random boyfriend.

"So...you say that the girl I have been trying to hit on, via Craiglist, is actually your girlfriend...But Forensics insists your just some anonymous person on the Internet...Answer me this...What song was she listening to on her iPod when I pretended to bump into her in a futile attempt to sniff her hair?"


Konrad said...

Kinda weird Lonnie. I reminds me of the album "Am I not your girl?" of Sinead (Skinhead) O'Connor, whose music I like pretty much by the way. No matter if her tears were true or fake in Prince's song....

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it's back and kickin': http://thatsmygirlasshole.blogspot.com

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