Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Ventriloquists at the Roxy!

I'll remind everyone later on in the week about this, but this coming Thursday, my friends The Ventriloquists will be opening at The Roxy for Philadelphia's Man Man. You have heard me rave about both of these bands frequently here on The Inertia - this will be a rare, awesome chance to see TWO great acts (three, hopefully, if Simon Dawes lives up to the hype...) for the Scrotastically low price of only $10!

The Ventriloquists on MySpace!
The Ventriloquists on iTunes!
We Are Man Man!

Definitely check out that MySpace link for the Ventriloquists. (What would be the good casual term of familiarity of this band? The 'Quists? The Vents?) They've put up some cool new tracks from the Albino Pomegranite EP, including one catchy song called "Sidecar" that I'm not sure I've ever heard before.

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