Monday, March 12, 2007

Funny, She Doesn't Look Simlish

I usually don't like directly posting corporate propaganda here, but this is just too strange to pass up. Lily Allen has re-recorded her hit "Smile" entirely in Simlish, the language of Electronic Arts' incredibly boring Sims game. I tried playing Sims, in which you simulate the life of an individual or couple living in a bland suburban enclave. But before I had a chance to do anything, my characters kept pissing themselves. I'm serious. Your characters have to pee all the time, but there's only one bathroom, so if one character needs to shower to go to work, the others all wind up pissing themselves. This would happen pretty much every time I played, until I decided that such a thing was simply undignified, and gave up on the experience entirely.

Admittedly, I'm not very good at video games, but you shouldn't have to be The Wizard, starring Fred Savage, in order to avoid urinating on yourself in a game. I hadn't installed the Crohn's Disease Expansion Pack or anything...

So, anyway, long story long, I'm not into The Sims. But I did enjoy this music video, created entirely within the game and spoken in its eerie, gibberish language.

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Anonymous said...

Cool video! Sims 1 did suck, but this is the sims 2, which is much better. I don't think you care, though.