Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Dakota Fanning Show

Post-Will Ferrell, I've maybe watched 3 actual episodes of "Saturday Night Live." I liked Amy Poehler on "Upright Citizens Brigade" and, like the rest of America, I thought "Lazy Sunday" was hilarious. But I feel like every time I flip past the show in progress, they're in the middle of the most asinine one-joke sketch imaginable, and I get bored immediately. Or pissed off, even.

But this skit, with Poehler playing Dakota Fanning, actually made me laugh. The impression's actually pretty spot-on, considering that it's an adult impersoning a young child.

Thanks to Golden Fiddle for the link.

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otto said...

Although Poehler is brilliant as well as the bandleader (can't remember his name), the research for the skit sucked. Dakota has done VO work for Family Guy, has mentioned in several interviews that she's a big Harry Potter fan, and her mother's name is Joy.

If the SNL writers just had to do a Dakota skit, I'd rather they go after the nutjobs who were attacking Dakota and her family over Hounddog sight unseen. Those bozos deserve having taken potshots taken at them, rather than Dakota and Abigail, who are just doing their jobs.